Student Workshops Session #2

The Endless Road to Safety

A large humanitarian issue occurring in Bangkok currently is that of urban refugees - Individuals displaced from their homes in order to escape war or persecution, and whose experiences are unique due to the urban setting they reside in. This workshop will explain and simulate the host of impossible decisions urban refugees have to undergo in their journey to safety, with a presentation on the service group Phu Li Phay and what we do to support these individuals. A unique IDC simulation will also allow you deeper insight into the lives of refugees in the IDC, as well as act as an impactful emotional experience.

Location: Room #4215 & #4216

Led by: Aditi Wadgaonker & Cedric Badger (NIST International School)

Connecting Humanity

By the end of the workshop, our goal is to provide opportunities for all of us to interact and make friends with one another in person and hopefully, and willingly share/discuss sensitive problems/issues that they face in their daily lives: Connecting through common humanity. We hope to find ways to let people connect with one another with physical actions and expressions of their emotions through words and stories. We will use fun icebreaker activities to introduce one another, and as people become closer to one another, we would share stories about our frustrations in our society and community and hopefully find solutions to solve/address these problems in our global society.

Location: Room #4303

Led by: Tom Pham, Austin Lam and Michael Nguyen

(AIS Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City)

The Adela Fund

This workshop focuses in on Quality Education and we will share the story of how our school has formed a close relationship with a school in Tanzania and how the Adela Fund was created to assist a student's educational dream!

Location: Room #4305

Led by: Annika Toivonen & Hanin Ghanam

(American School of Doha)

Make ( Your School ) Green Again!

This workshop will focus on how to implement a lasting composting operation at your school, covering aspects including communication with staff, working a rotating compost, the ins and outs of vermicomposting, how to garden with compost, and more. 


Emphasis on working towards the UN SDGs.

Location: Room #4307

Led by: Nicole Mitchell & Jasmim Lobos

(International School Penang, Uplands)

Soap Making

Through this workshop, we would like to share our experience of making organic soap and our collaboration with organizations. 


We will also be going over the process of how you can make organic soap by reusing the vegetable or sunflower oil. We will share our story and future plans during the workshop.

Location: Room #4309

Led by: Poorvi Daga, Shradha Silori & Muskan Gurbuxani

(Wells International School)

Saraswati Learning Center

Imagine not being able to get an education. Imagine feeling you are worthless. That is how a disabled kid can feel every single day. In Indonesia, there are 37 million people with disabilities who suffer discrimination. Saraswati Learning Center (SLC) is an organization that advocates for inclusivity for special needs individuals. Our Club is working with SLC to make a change - “We DONT see the disABILITY, we see the ABILITY”

Location: Room #4403

Led by: Nitya Shamdasani & Saanya Melwani

(Jakarta Intercultural School)

The Climate Crisis: How the World is Falling Apart

Inspired by teen climate action advocate, and TIME Magazine's Person of the Year - Greta Thunberg's bold and influential actions, we wondered if there is anything we could do to help spread awareness about the situation human beings are in and work towards developing practical solutions for young people to take individual action on this pressing UN Sustainable Development Goal.

Location: Room #4405

Led by: Mia Asano & Nayuki Kotera Senri

(Osaka International School in Japan)

Action Against Poverty

Over 60% of the world’s population live in Asia. 40% of those 766 million people live on less than $1.90 per day.  Asia is a place of extreme wealth and extreme poverty.

What are the major factors that drive the causes of poverty in Asia? To prevent poverty there is a need to identify causes and to take action. What actions can be taken? Can these actions be sustainable in the long term?

This workshop allows students to identify causes and learn ways to take action against poverty.

Participants will experience a presentation and mini fun activities.

Location: Room #4407

Led by: Luna Matsuoto & Sofia Villagonzalo & Duane Tan

(Cebu International School)

Living the Dream: Getting A Spicy Salary While Changing The World

As a student change maker, what plans do you have in mind for your future?


Whatever interests you have, there is a rewarding job for you. Find one that will allow you to make a living, pursue your passion and simultaneously create a positive impact on the world. 


In this session, we will explore work-based sustainable practices on both local and international scales, and help you identify how to be a changemaker in the future.

Location: Room #4301

Led by: 

Phuong Bui, Suman Padhi & Keitaro Hanzawa

(International School Manila)

Proactive Solutions to the Plastic Problem

Tips and tricks to planning and managing projects to get the best outcome, and how Plastic Free NIST has used these strategies to help make the Bangkok community more sustainable.

Location: Room #4304

Led by: Kenshin Ueoka & Lia Wong-Fodor

(NIST International School)

Carbon Compensation: Encouraging & Raising Awareness of Carbon Offset

Is it fair for us to say that we are well-aware of our carbon emissions and global warming? 


In fact, nothing changes unless we engage ourselves in it and face the issue. 


Our goal is to make people realize and understand how our actions impact the world we live in. In this session, we will explore an individual's carbon emissions and help you identify efforts to reduce it.

Location: Room #4306

Led by: Owen Mecklem, Ken Kitamura, Kyle Doman, Ryosuke Okadome & HwiChan (Ryan) Jeong Senri

(Osaka International School in Japan)

Understand PLASTIC Use & Let 's Make the World Better

Plastics not just badly affect global warming, but are also bad for petroleum, animals including marine animals, fish, and air pollution. 


Many countries are working on global warming recently, but we have to reduce plastics that have a bad influence.

Location: Room #4308

Led by: Haru Obata & Kokoro Ogawa Senri

(Osaka International School in Japan)

Rooftop Garden - The Potential of Sustainable Green Spaces in Urban Schools

The importance of green spaces for learning as well as social and mental development.


This workshop will focus on how to create a green space and how to manage it. 


Our workshop will include a hands-on trip to the NIST Rooftop Garden.

Location: Room #4401

Led by: Soroush Saleh

(NIST International School)

Forest Fires

Forest Fire Fighters is a high school service group that is committed to informing people about forest fires and how they are a threat to local and global biodiversity.


Our goal is to raise awareness of the causes and effects of forest fires around the world using Kalimantan, Indonesia, as well as Australia as our prime examples and focus.


Our workshop includes a presentation followed by interactive activities that simulate how fauna reacts to forest fires.

Location: Room #4404

Led by: Jacob von Harrach, Pablo Arriaga, Ralisha Woodhouse & Libby Moss

(Bali Island School)

The Power of Advocacy

A lot of us are fortunate enough to be provided with so many of our human rights, although unfortunately, so many people receive unequal treatment for characteristics that are beyond their control. 


This workshop will provide some tools on how to advocate for other people effectively, and bring issues to light, even within a school environment.

Location: Room #4406

Led by: Isha Banerjee & Elizabeth Filippi

(NIST International School)

Stepping into the GIN GAP

Two years ago, the Global Issues Network international team created a 2-year experience for young leaders called the Global Ambassadors Program. 


If you want to grow your personal leadership skills and learn how to be a changemaker committed to making our world a better place, come to this workshop to hear about the experiences of two students from Concordia International School Shanghai.

Location: Room #4408

Led by: Desiree Sng

(Concordia International School Shanghai)

The Sustainability Compass

This workshop will explore what the Sustainability Compass is. This tool is a thinking and orientation frame for sustainability. It translates the complexity of the world into four directional points (N, E, S, W), which translates into the four key dimensions of sustainability: Nature, Economy, Society, and Wellbeing. 


Participants will leave with knowledge on how it can be used, as they will have the opportunity to practice using it in activities.

Location: Room #4410

Led by: Nestor Olsommer

(International School Penang, Uplands)