Student Workshops Session #1

Trending Sustainability

Zara, Forever21 and H&M. These are all brands that we love and wear every day but we don’t realize the detrimental impact that they have on our planet. 


In this workshop, we will explore the environmental impacts of our clothing choices and how we can be responsible consumers. We will also analyze how our use of media can help but also hinder sustainability. You’ll even design your own tote bag to take home :) See you there! 

Location: Room #4301

Led by: Anushka Vijay, Lucas Kooijman, Beatriz Sousa Chamon (International School Manila)

The Power of Social Enterprise

This workshop tells the story of FairNIST, a social enterprise that evolved through perseverance and passion for community development and showcases the hardships and successes that comes with running a social enterprise. 

In this workshop, students will gain the three fundamental skills needed to start a social enterprise through activities

Location: Room #4304

Led by: Hannah Bickel, Rei Tangkijngamwong & Mint Ruangritchai (NIST International School)

From Proposal to Execution

This workshop focuses on how to help students write a concise––but thorough––formal proposal that has at least one UN SDG in order to support the local and global community. 

Workshop leaders will guide participants through their process of writing a formal proposal, communicating with departments, executing the event, up to the post-event reflection, as well as interacting with them through skits and plays that reflect the proposal process.

Location: Room #4306

Led by: Nghi Ngo & Daisy Cung

(AIS Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City)

Financing Initiatives

An introduction of how the NIST Development Bank funded nearly 1 million baht since 2012, and our continued efforts toward sustainability and effectiveness of student-led service and community initiatives at NIST. 

The workshop will also contain helpful information and resources regarding the establishment of student-led and student-run funding network in conjunction with other service initiatives throughout a school.

Location: Room #4308

Led by: Minseung Kang & Avan Fata 

(NIST International School)

Kidney Dialysis Chapter

This workshop will explain what Brent Baguio is doing for dialysis patients at their local clinics in the Philippines and how to raise awareness and implement a dialysis chapter at your school. The intention is to both create awareness of the potential a dialysis chapter can have in your community, as well as educating students on facts concerning treatment of patients with dialysis or kidney transplantation and understanding the huge financial burden it comes with for the majority of the people who need it.

Location: Room #4401

Led by: Mindy Lee, Rex Park, Heewon Kim, Ara Lee

(Brent International School Baguio)

Green Light

This workshop is led by the student led service group Green Light and aims to use immersive theater to communicate the red flags of human trafficking to the audience and spark a discussion with the intention to raise awareness about the issue and the signs of someone getting trafficked. The workshop will offer a brief insight into the work that is done by the New Life Center Foundation and provide the audience with an opportunity to engage with the topic.

Location: Room #4404

Led by: Emma Zink & Rev. Jeni Pedzinski
(NIST International School)

Youths for SDGs (Student Led Event)

This will be a workshop on how university students and highschool students collaborated together to create an event called the Youths for SDGS in Bangkok, Thailand. 

We will talk about how collaboration amongst these students allowed for a change within hundreds of students around the city. 

Students will leave with the inspiration and the knowledge that they can be catalysts for change. 

Location: Room #4406

Led by: Hrithi Bhattacharya
(Wells International School) 

Because I am A Girl

Because I am a Girl supports the youth-led, global movement for girls’ rights and gender equality. Across the world girls suffer injustices every day simply because they are young and female. We support girls to take the lead and influence decisions that matter to them. Take action and campaign for girls today so they have the power to transform their futures. We are empowering girls  to reach their fullest potential. By creating reusable sanitary pads we are helping with a girls education, empowerment, encouragement, environment and economics.

Location: Room #4408
Led by: Daria Tyshchenko & Alisa Vipulakom
(UWC Thailand)

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Learn about how Concordia International School Shanghai students created a Shanghai chapter of this amazing group, inspired by the work of youth activists Melati and Isabel Wisjen in Bali. 


Also learn about how you can create your own chapter for Bye Bye Plastic Bags, joining a powerful group of youth leaders from around the world.

Location: Room #4303

Led by: Hoony Kim

(Concordia International School Shanghai)

Composting and Food Choices

This session will highlight how we have created a compost system at ASDoha where all food waste is now composted, along with much campus plant matter and paper towels. 


The importance of food choices and food waste concerning the environment and human well being will also be examined.

Location: Room #4305

Led by: Tara Tarfreshi & Younglin Cho

(American School of Doha)

No More Hunger Games

Have you ever wondered why such a large portion of the global population struggles to get enough food? 

Well, it's not because there's not enough of it, we're just not using these resources wisely. 

In this workshop, we will highlight why food waste happens, and give you facts on Zero Hunger, related SDGs, and possible solutions along the way.

Location: Room #4307

Led by: Yurika Kano & Mio Tsujimoto

(Senri and Osaka International School in Japan)

Strings in Action

Strings in Action is a middle and high school service club that is dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged Indonesian children by sharing our knowledge of music. 

Our goal is to promote musical education by forming string orchestras at centres around Jakarta for students who would not otherwise have access to music education. 

After a presentation about Strings in Action, we will have students practise the very basics of string instruments.

Location: Room #4309

Led by: Alex Rachmat & Nayla Punjabi

(Jakarta Intercultural School)

Don’t Just Stand There! Doing Something…

Cultivate, innovate, and activate society! Australia is burning. The Amazon is burning. Glaciers are melting, and the ocean hosts the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the largest unintended dumpsite in the world. 


In order to address these issues, they must first be studied, and this presentation intends to facilitate discussions on the world's most pressing environmental issues, as well as spark the initiative to think of personal solutions.

Location: Room #4403

Led by: Jodi Galbo, Dominic Lim, Venise Taboada
(Cebu International School)

EcoBricks is a global initiative that makes use of plastic's problematic features. We started our own project here at CCS, and partner with local orphanages to clean up beaches and spread awareness on the dangers of plastic locally and globally. Our project is simple: we wash, dry, and pack non-recyclable plastics we find inside plastic bottles to create usable bricks! This helps our community become more responsible about the trash generated and prevent plastic from further disrupting our ecosystems.

Location: Room #4405

Led by: Ni Luh Chandani, Sydney Eckstein & Malaika Wauters
Canggu Community School Bali


The workshop is a life simulation of a child with a cleft lip/palate. Most people think of surgeries and hospitals when they think of Operation Smile, completely neglecting the emotional impact of such an issue in a child's life. In this simulation we focus on depicting a child's life before and after surgery so that participants get an understanding of the physical and emotional impacts of the process on the patient. Through this workshop we aim to spread awareness and build empathy amongst international students and encourage you to start your own Operation Smile group!

Location: Room #4407

Led by: Ishaani Budhraja, Carla Davies & Emilia Gaspoz
(NIST International School)

SMILE :) (Operation Smile)

Be part of the solution with us! 

We want to help change our environment for our future and the next generations. Currently our carbon footprint is getting out of control causing many issues with the climate and environment; such as: major natural disasters. Being part of this movement as young global citizens we must make the accurate changes in politics if our current leaders are not going to. Even a small contribution to this world-wide movement will create an impact. So help us change communities around the world, starting with your school.

Location: Room #4410
Led by: Janet Jones, Do Hee Kwon & Asuka Hong
(Senri and Osaka International School in Japan)

Be part of the Solution, Not Pollution

Innovation and Design

The Innovation and Design Club aims to spread knowledge regarding innovation, business, and critical/design thinking for underprivileged younger children from NGOs and Elementary to Middle School; as well as creating innovation challenges for them to join and have fun as they share their creativity. Not only do members get to create positive social impact for the kids, but they themselves also get to learn more about how Design Thinking may be used to solve prevalent issues. 

By attending this workshop, you will receive your very own toolkit in starting the Innovation and Design Club at your school and to network with other students that share the same passions as you! If a picture is worth a thousand words, an innovation is worth a thousand meetings, see you there and happy innovating! 

Location: Room #4412
Led by: Nichatorn (Belle) Tangkuptanon
(Ruamrudee International School Bangkok)