Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a Global Issues Network club to participate in the EARCOS Global Issues Network conference? 


In short, no you don’t. 


All schools committed to making positive change through service are welcome to register and participate in the EARCOS GIN Asia conference. We do, however, encourage your school to consider creating a GIN team by visiting the international Global Issues Network website to learn more.


How many students can I bring to the EARCOS GIN Asia 2020 Conference? 


NIST International School is suggesting that schools plan to bring teams of either 6 students or 12 students along with 2 advisors. 


Typically, the students will be passionately involved in service at their school and in their school communities. Student teams will often host a toolkit-workshop during the conference highlighting a service project (and explaining how other like-minded schools could set up their own) that they are actively involved in and linked to solving a global issue. 


Still, the GIN conference is also appropriate for schools hoping to increase their student engagement with service and global issues and the conference will be an outstanding opportunity to build your school’s toolkit for service learning. 


What are the costs associated with attending the EARCOS GIN conference? 


Conference fees are $200 USD per student and per teacher for EARCOS member schools and $250 USD per student and per teacher for non-EARCOS member schools. 


So, the fees for a student team of 6 with two advisors would be $1,600 USD,

whereas, a student team of 12 with two advisors would be $2,800 USD (for EARCOS-member schools). 


Does our school need to be an EARCOS member to attend the Global Issues Network conference?  


In short, no you don’t, but registration fees are slightly higher for non-EARCOS member schools at $250 USD per participant.