Conference Information


Visioning Our Future

Inspire Change. Generate Action.


GIN ASIA 2020 aims to inspire students to make positive change & to generate student action in the pursuit of a better world and a more sustainable future. 


Our conference theme draws from the following quote by Buckminster Fuller: 


“We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims.”


The world today is beset by complex global issues. Many of these issues are a result of poor policies or actions by governments, corporations and individuals. If we continue to act in the same way, nothing will change, and in this future scenario, the issues will compound and intensify. 

There is another possible future though. A more sustainable and just future, with policies and actions which are carefully planned and achieved, and that lead us to a preferred, enlightened time ahead. 


Message & Challenge to our Students


The youth of today will become the leaders and citizens of tomorrow. This conference aims to inspire you, the change-makers, to creatively process ideas and generate actions that will ensure a brighter future for us all.