Carbon Offset for Participants

At GIN Asia 2020 we aim to make the conference as sustainable as possible. One way the organizers plan to do this is to offset the carbon footprint of travel of participants. The aim of carbon offsetting it to balance the carbon produced by human activity by supporting an environmental project that will sequester the carbon emitted. Therefore, NIST plans to use a part of the conference fee to purchase 10 mangrove trees per conference participant. Mangrove trees are recognized as one of the most effective trees to sequester carbon as it is stored not only in the tree canopy but also in the complex root system.

Ocean Marine Guardians

NIST’s Ocean Marine Guardians Service Group has been involved in planting mangroves at Bangpu Nature reserve near Bangkok for the last 8 years. In that time, trees planted in mud flats have turned into groves of forest that now help to protect the previously eroding coastline. By planting trees provided from offsetting the travel of the GIN conference it will help with the following SDG goals: